Simple, Connected Diabetes Care

GlucoSense is a unified platform that simplifies glucose & insulin management for diabetics and their care team.

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We're rethinking the standard for diabetes care.

For the first time ever, diabetics and their doctors will accurately understand how their daily activities impact glucose control & insulin dosing. 

GlucoSense aggregates CGM, insulin pump, and wearable device data to analyze activity impact on glucose and insulin levels. Our patient mobile app and patient monitoring web portal provides a seamless experience to help diabetics and their doctors make safe, informed decisions.

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Glucose Forecasts

Receive real-time insights and forecasts based on your daily activities. 
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Historical Trends

Understand patterns from your behaviors to make meaningful changes.
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Connected Care

Share information with healthcare providers for more granular care.

Type 1 diabetics make over 180 health related decisions per day... Now, GlucoSense is here to help. 

GlucoSense makes daily decisions easier by forecasting glucose volatility and helping you understand how your daily activities impact glucose levels. 

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A wholistic approach, with diabetics at the center.

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Device Integration

No more chaotic management... only one unified app. 

GlucoSense integrates with a variety wearable devices, CGM's, and insulin pumps. We automatically analyze your glucose levels when an activity is tracked by your wearable, so you can accurately understand your diabetes without the hassle of manually logging your every move. 

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Patient Mobile App

No more second guessing... only peace of mind. 

With the GlucoSense Mobile App, you can view all of your data, all in one place, anywhere, at any time. With new glucose insights, you'll know exactly how your activities impact your diabetes. 

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Patient Monitoring Web Portal

No more unhelpful doctors appointments... only personalized care.

Share GlucoSense with your healthcare providers and care team so you can have meaningful conversations about how to improve your care. Is sleep causing you to go high? Running causing you to go low? Now, you can have real conversations about how to improve.  

Our Team

We are a team of Georgia Tech Engineers on a mission to help millions of diabetics live simpler lives.

Jonathan Fitch

Chief Executive Officer

Cole Chalhub

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel Gusmão

Chief Technology Officer
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